Garmin Astro Dog Tracking Antenna Questions and Reviews

There are several Different Antenna Options.  I figured I would give my two cents on all of them. with Pro’s and Con’s for each. Magnent Mount Antenna Hand Held Long Range Antenna Rubber Duck Long Range Antenna Folding Antenna     Magnent Mount Garmin Long Range Antenna: Buy this antenna I’m going to start with [...]

 Garmin Astro 220 Folding Antenna $25 (Long Range)

Garmin Astro Long Range Folding Antenna. We have added a new product to our Garmin Products.  A Folding Long range antenna for the garmin astro Hand Held units.  New Pricing  for these items is only $25 These antenna’s will fold up around the Garmin Astro 220 and easy fit in your pocket.  when you need the [...]