Solid Red Light Issue

Question: I Have a Garmin dc30 collar and when i turn it on the red light stays on and doesn’t flash what does that mean?

This can happen to All the DC20, DC30 and DC40 collars.

Generally this means it’s in Data Transfer Mode or the Software has not been installed correctly. One of the Biggest Benefit’s that I see with the new Garmin 320 Astro is the ability to fix this Solid Red Light issues.

When Updating with a 220 you Plug in the Garmin to your computer and go to your collar that you want to update and Select Update collar. It normally goes into a state that says it’s ready to update. Then on your computer You would run the Garmin Web Updater to update the collar.

When the Solid Red light is on you can not communicate to the collar to “re-install’ the software.

However with the Garmin Astro 320 you will be able to “Re-Install” the software on a collar.

If you don’t have the Dog programed into the 320 before you had the Red Light issue, you can try a different way of forcing an Update.

Here is how. Delete all the dogs from your dog list.
Add a dog to your 320 astro manually. (doesn’t really matter which Id number you select)
Now Make sure there are no other Collars on, and Update the software for the dog you just added, and the 320 should update the first dog Collar it connects to.

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One Response to “Solid Red Light Issue”

  1. hunter reynolds Says:

    I have a astro 320 when I’m on the map page after about a minute it scans out to 500 miles all by it’s self. Maybe something I did but can’t fix pleased help.