Reseting the Garmin Astro D30 Collar


At times you may experience Problems with a Garmin Astro DC30 Collar.  I’ve heard And experienced reports of the following problems with Garmin DC 30 Collars

  • Will not Charge
  • Will Not sync with the Garmin Astro 220 (While Other DC30 Collars sync Just fine)

Before trying to do a Hard Reset for the Garmin Astro 220 DC30 Collar you should try and identify if it is the collar or the 220 Reciever.   the easiest way you can do this is to check your Tracking System with another collar.  If the second collar works fine then you can assume that you DC30 is not working as it should.

Charging Problems with the Garmin DC30.

The charging Ports of the Garmin DC30 can be filled with debris and Junk from running them out in the woods.   You should make sure that their is not debris blocking the port so the Charger can make good contact with the metal pins. 

Another point I’ve noticed, is that if my collar is almost fully charged,  some times it will not charge even though I’ve used the collar for a few hours.  In this situation I will leave the collar on to use more battery and then it will charge normal.

Lastly, If these do not fix your problem you should try to “reset” the DC30 by removing the Back Plate (silver piece)  and remove the Four Small philips screws to access the battery.   Very Carefully Disconnect the battery connector from the board.    Leave the battery Disconnected for about 15 minutes,  reconnect, and Carefully re assemble the collar to try again.   Sometimes this will fix you issue.

Garmin DC30 not communicating with the Garmin 220. 

First i would Check all the basics,  make sure the collar is charged.

I aslo would Delete and Re establish the Dog Collar in you system by going to the Dog List on the menu of the Astro 200,  I would probabably recomend Reseting  the 220 reciever since it is much easier to reset that than the Collar.

Lastly, If these do not fix your problem you should try to “reset” the DC30 by

  1. Removing the Back Plate (silver piece) 
  2.  While Your looking at the connections for the two antennas, I would check to make sure there is nothing wrong with both the GPS antenna connection, and the VHF Antenna on the collar.   Personally I carefully disconnect each and make sure they are both clean and free of Debris and Junk.  (good Solid connection here will only help the performance of the collar)   You can carefully use a brush or electronics contact cleaner for the VHF antenna (Screw mount)  (See images below).  I would not put anything into the SMP (square Antenna wire connector)
Removing the VHF Antenna on Garmin Astro DC30

Removing the VHF Antenna on a DC30

Garmin Astro DC30 VHF antenna

Clean this before re-intalling. Very Important to have a good Electrical connection3. Remove the Four Small philips screws on the outside of the case to acess the battery and electronics compartment. Very Carefully Disconnect the white battery connector from the board (see images below). Leave the battery Disconnected for about 15-20 minutes for a full reset, Reconnect it to the board.. (CAREFULLY) Here you Can see the battery Connector for the DC 30 Garmin

Garmin Astro DC30 Reset Instructions

Different Angle of the connector for Dc30

As you re-assemble the Garmin DC30, Clean all seals and clean antenna connections.
Clean all seals and connections before re-assebling the Garmin DC30 collar

 That is A Garmin DC30 Reset Instructions,  and Many times when you are having Problems with Garmin DC30 collars this is the First step Garmin will ask you to do before sending them back.

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9 Responses to “Reseting the Garmin Astro D30 Collar”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I have two DC30 collars that have not had a lot of use. Both collars on the same day wouldn’t turn on. When attached to the charger, the blue light comes on, but they won’t charge. I still can’t get either to turn on.
    Any ideas on this??

  2. admin Says:

    Have you tried to reset them per the instructions above. That would definately be my recomendation. Make sure you leave the battery disconnected for at least 15-20 minutes before reconnecting it.

  3. andrew Says:

    Tried that, they still won’t turn on.If you turn the collar on while connected to the charger the red light flashes.I connected a battery out of another collar and it went.Looks like both batteries have failed. Any common reason for this?

  4. BLAIR Says:


  5. Jacob Says:

    My Hand held will not start a new hunt. It has the previous hunt still on it and will not earase and start a new one.Please help.

  6. admin Says:

    Make sure you have turned off the navigation first before you can erase the tracks with Start a new hunt.

  7. ryan Says:

    i have a garmin dc30 collar and when i turn it on the redlight stays on and doesnt flash what does that mean?

  8. Mary C Says:

    I am having the same problem as ryan. Its hunting season! Please help

  9. admin Says:

    The Solid Red Light means the software on the Collar isn’t working correctly, You need to Re-install the Software on the collar, It is Easier to do with the 320. See the instructions below