Reseting the Garmin Astro 220

Here are the Instructions to Reset the Garmin Astro 220 Dog tracking system.

***NOTE**** This will delete all tracks and waypoints, and dogs that are programed into the device.   A master reset will put the unit back into a factory mode as if you just took it out of the box.

Please take out your MAP Card before trying this to be on the safe side!  I don’t know if you need to do this or not.

With the Hand held Off,  You will need to hold down three buttons at the same time to reset the Garmin Astro 220.

Press the Enter,  Map, and Power buttons down at the same time to Reset the Garmin.

If that doesn’t fix your problems it’s time to call Garmin support.   I’ve included the Garmin Support numbers here for you reference.

North America – Consumer Products

Monday – Thursday: 8 AM – 6 PM, Friday 8 AM - 5 PM Central Time (closed holidays)

US: 913-397-8200
US Toll Free: 1-800-800-1020
Canada: 1-866-429-9296

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