New DC40 rumors (Release date)

Updated: Garmin Astro Combo with DC 40.

Garmin Astro Combo’s with DC40 is on the map.    There is No Sign of the DC40′s by them self, however I am sure they will be availible a few months after the release date. (this is a guess)
Here is what I do know.

Official Release Date : August      However Limited Distribution until December.  So it will be very difficult for folks to get them for a Good Deal,  Expect a new Full price $649  for combo only Prices before December.

The price shows there will be an increase in the DC40 combo’s  to 649.00   Haven’t seen anything to tell, but I assume this means the Collar prices will increase also.   Might be 249 per collar.. But again this is just speculation right now with the new information.

Check this site often, I will be using this site for Tip’s Techniques and information.

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One Response to “New DC40 rumors (Release date)”

  1. Bo Johnston Says:

    Is this an official Garmin Web site? how did you get this info?