Heavy Duty (Tuff Skin) Garmin DC30 Antenna $12

Double Tuff Skin

Heavy Duty Double Tuff Skin antenna

By popular demand we have created a new and more durable Tuff DC30 Antenna.    Many people have asked us about the Tuff Skin Antenna’s and we decided to build one that was Double Tuff, with Double the Warranty of the Other Tuff Skin DC30 antennas.

I think you’ll find  Double Tuff design has a few features that they other don’t, a no question asked 2 year warranty to start,  and Orange cover for visibility.

It’s  been measured and Tested for SWR to make sure that it matches the Stock DC30 antenna.  We have found it to have a Lower SWR than the stock antennas which means that more signal power get’s out into the air over the stock antenna.

The Double U “Double Tuff” Antenna normally list’s for 19.99 and that’s where you’ll find most Garmin Dealers selling these type of antennas for,  However for a Limited time Double U will have them for only $12.  Click the link below.

Buy a Double Tuff Garmin DC30 (Tuff Skin) Style Antenna.

Most Dealers sell Their antennas for 20 dollars, a few might give a 1 year Warranty.  Double U Graphics Selling These Double Tuff,  Tuff Skin DC30 antennas  for almost 1/2 the price ($12 ) with  Double the warranty( 2 year warranty)

The Double Tuff Dc30 antenna’s also have orange covering and good end protection caps on the top of the antenna to give more visibility and safety for your hounds.

For all your Garmin DC30 and DC40  needs Make sure you visit Double U to get the best deal, price and service.

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