Garmin Astro DC40 VHF Range Test

Garmin Astro DC40 Range Test.

2 DC30 collars, 1 DC40 collar. All mounted at the same hieght and side by side. All Update Rates were set to 5 seconds so I would know immediately which collar lost signal quickly.
Garmin Astro with 220 with a Truck Mount antenna.

During this test because the collars were higher than a Dog, They were mounted on my Deck Rail which is about 10 feet off the ground I didn’t start to loose signal until I was about 6 miles out. Summary the DC40 was no Better, or No worse than the DC30 collars. they were all in and out of signal in no particular order.

As expected the DC40 do not appear to increase any range as some people may be claiming.

Don’t take my word for it,   Watch the Video for your self.. (Please note this is my first ever Video so the Captions and editing are not Hollywood!) 

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