Garmin DC40 Press release

To: Astro Dealers

From: Garmin International


It has come to our attention that a small number of customers who have purchased Garmin’s new DC 40 GPS tracking collar have experienced issues with acquiring and maintaing a good GPS satellite fix. There are a few simple steps that users can take to ensure their equipment is performing optimally.

• Acquire a solid satellite signal with the DC 40 before attaching the collar to a dog.

To ensure the DC 40 is properly acquired, turn it on and place it in an open area with a clear view of the sky for approximately 15 minutes. This process allows the GPS receiver to download data that will accurately calculate the location of a GPS satellite at a particular point in time. After this procedure, the DC 40 should lock onto satellites within seconds. If users haven’t turned on their unit in a week or more, or have traveled at least 200 miles from their last use, they should repeat the above procedure for best results.

• Update the Astro 220’s firmware.

From time to time, Garmin will make improvements to the way the Astro GPS Dog Tracking System performs. It’s always a good idea to ensure that the unit has the latest version of software, but it is critical if a customer is upgrading to the DC 40 from an earlier collar version (DC 20 or DC 30). Among other improvements, the new software update lets DC 40 customers take advantage of Garmin’s new Collar Lock feature that, when activated, prevents others from seeing your dog’s whereabouts. The new firmware also enables a two?minute update rate, which allows users to maximize battery life of the collar.

The process is easy – go to  and download the latest version of WebUpdater for the PC or Mac. This application communicates with the Garmin server over the Internet and updates the Garmin GPS with the most current software version available. It’s easy and it’s automatic – just run WebUpdater after you’ve installed it on your computer and follow the instructions.

There are a few additional considerations that you might want to make your customers aware of when
using the Astro GPS Dog Tracking System:

• Make sure the DC 40’s GPS receiver is not obstructed.

The GPS receiver on the DC 40 is located on the opposite end of the power button (see photos
below). Users should ensure that this area is not blocked or covered by e-collars or other
objects that might affect a reliable GPS signal.

• The GPS signal of the DC 40 will be significantly degraded in water.

Because the GPS receiver is integrated into the main housing that sits below the dogs’ neck, if
the unit is submerged in water, it is likely that the collar will lose a GPS signal. If a customer’s
dog spends a large amount of time in the water, the DC 30 will offer better reception, because
the GPS receiver is on top of the dog’s neck.

• High-powered marine VHF radios will significantly and permanently degrade the Astro’s

Some hunters use these radios to communicate with one another. If the radios are used within
close proximity to the Astro GPS Dog Tracking System (within a few feet of antennas), it is
possible that the VHF signal will permanently damage the Astro’s ability to receive a signal from
a GPS tracking collar.

It is very likely that by following these simple steps, any perceived issues with the DC 40 will be resolved.
If you have any customers that continue to encounter issues with the new DC 40, please collect as much
information as possible about the specifics of their problems, including the environment and manner in
which the Astro was used. As always, please forward their contact information to your Garmin sales
representative so that we might address their concerns.

We thank you for your continued support and we anticipate another very successful launch of the latest
improvements to the Astro GPS Dog Tracking System.

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2 Responses to “Garmin DC40 Press release”

  1. jaron kennedy Says:

    My dc 40 keeps losing its signal. I’ve updated it and the Asto and still the same.

  2. admin Says:

    Jaron, Unfortunately, That’s the main reason why we don’t recomend the DC40. We call each of our customers that order a DC40 to make sure they understand the DC40 is not better than the DC30 and that we recomend the DC30 for the very reason you are describing.
    I would assume you purchased it from a company that just cares more about selling them and Not about customer satisfaction..
    I wish I had a Fix for you but if it’s the GPS signal problems. The 3.5 Update helps quite a bit, but only hides the problem of weak GPS signal. Some seam to work better than others, and some days are better than other days it’s all marginality issues.

    Hopefully you’ll consider Double U Graphics in the Future, We seam to be the Only company that is Telling you like it is.