Garmin DC40 (more information)

I’m getting allot of questions about the DC30 compared to the DC40.

Currently my recomendation is if you were holding off for a DC40.. Let’s hold off for at least another week until the dust settles and I can start to get some Solid information on actual dealer costs and availibility and I can ask some questions,  they don’t like answering quetions before it’s official.

It “may” appear that only the MSRP cost has gone up, and Dealer cost will be close to the same.  All the documents I have had only showed MSRP so I had to assume Garmin was raising their price,  However this may have been pushed by the retail stores wanting more Margin.

I’ll let you know what my decision is, since I too was holding out on buying a couple collars to see what the DC40 will be.   I’ll give you all the best information I can so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

I want your bussiness, but I want it honestly.  More info to come later

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  1. Jexux Says:

    como sincronizar los collares dc-40 con astro 220?
    como cambiar de frecuencia dc-40 con astro 220?