Garmin Astro Losing Range?

From Personal Experience During the last Hunting season, I’ve had my Garmin Astro 220 System loose range.   It didn’t happen overnight.  In fact it was a slow process, by the Time I was loosing Signal with the dogs wearing their DC30′s on top of the box rigging.  I realiazed that it was due time for me to send it back to Garmin for repair.

Many sites including mine,  ( ) have folks with execellent and Knowledge, and information about these. There is plenty of Information about this on the web.  I’ll try to post some usefull Links for you below. 

Hopefully you know VHF radios can damage these system and create the Problem that I discribe above.   However To my knowledge My garmin Astro has never been around a VHF radio to date.   We personally just don’t use them.   If you are using VHF,  Please be cautious with your Garmin Astro System while you are transmitting or Talking on a VHF radio.  It is More important with the Higher Wattage settings on the VHF radio.. (More Power = More likely damage)  Some things to consider

  1. Keep your Garmin Astro Away from your VHF antenna.
  2. Lower your Power (wattage on VHF Radio)
  3. Don’t have your VHF Radio antenna, and your garmin Antenna close
  4. Use a VHF channel that is away from the 154-156 mHz since this is the Frequency that Garmin is using.

However Should you notice that your not getting the range you used to It may be time to contact garmin.   First you should check all your antenna connections, (Including the Antenna on the collar) you can try to Do a Reset on your Garmin 220 Alhtough I doubt this will help much.   

I have seen where someone over tightens..(“no Comment”) and the Connector on the antenna mount on board of 220 was damaged. 

Repair cost for Garmin Astro (Out of waranty) last I check was about $125.

I have a feeling this will be something that will be something that many people will experience, and Have to deal with.

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