Garmin Astro Dog Tracking Antenna Questions and Reviews

There are several Different Antenna Options.  I figured I would give my two cents on all of them. with Pro’s and Con’s for each.

  • Magnent Mount Antenna
  • Hand Held Long Range Antenna
  • Rubber Duck Long Range Antenna
  • Folding Antenna



Magnent Mount Garmin Long Range Antenna:

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I’m going to start with my favorite which is the Magnent mount.  For my style of Hunting we mostly hunt out of the truck.   My Unit stays in my truck 90% of the time hooked up with a Power Adaptor cable and I keep it in a Dash  or Window mount. to save on batteries, with my Magnet Mount Antenna attached for maximum Range.  This allows me to Keep up with the Dogs very nicely and also forces me to get out of the truck and listen to the Race rather than Playing with the Garmin in my hand all the time.


  • I consistently see between 2-3.5 Miles of Range with this Unit Depending on Terrain.
  • Nice to be able to Plug in to the Power adaptor to save batteries.


  • If you are using a Marine Radio you want to make sure that you don’t have the antenna’s close and there is a risk of damaging your unit with a Marine band Radio.

If you hunt out of a truck often, this is definitely My favorite.




Hand Held Long Range (LR) Telescopic Antenna:

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This antenna works very well for range.  I see a little better range from this over the magnent mount.  However if you use this allot, you should be ready to break  the metal antenna portion at some time.  In 3 weeks of using this I broke 2 of them.   Great antenna but I tell people..  use your Kid’s gloves when you use this.


  • I consistently see between 2-3.5 miles of range with this unit depending on terrain.
  • Good for hiking or hunting on foot


  • Easy to break them.  I recommend cutting a PVC pipe so that when you collapse the telescopic antenna it is protected by the PVC case.
  • Did I mention they break easy?.

Options:   Due to them breaking often, We have two options for these Handle Antenna to make them more durable


(Smiley) Longer Rubber duck style Garmin Antenna:

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This antenna is about 12-14 inches long and does better than the stock antenna.  It is are very good option for someone that walks or hikes behind the dogs and want’s a little more range than the stock antenna.


  • Nicely matched antenna.  performs better than the stock antenna
  • Convenient


  • Not the range of the mag mount or hand held antenna.
  • Longer antenna isn’t as easy to put in your pocket and carry.



Folding style Garmin Antenna:

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This antenna is about 17 inches  when extended and performs about the same as the stock antenna.  If you want something that folds nicesly for your pocket this is a nice antenna.  I’ve received reports both ways on these antenna’s however my experience and several others is they only perform as good as the stock antenna.  Some customers report less range than the stock antenna,  while some see more range.    They are light weight and not built extremely well, however they are very handy to throw in your pocket.


  • When folded up it’s easy to put in your pocket or bag without worrying about damaging the connector


  • I wouldn’t expect any great range increase, however you may see a range increase
  • Becareful they tend to Unscrew. I recomend using Loc-tite to secure the Threaded connections so you don’t loose your antenna while hiking.

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4 Responses to “Garmin Astro Dog Tracking Antenna Questions and Reviews”

  1. Josh Says:

    Instead of using the short rubber duck for the handheld replacement, would the Longer (Smiley) rubber duck work?

  2. admin Says:

    Yes it should perform better than the short rubber duck antenna

  3. Josh Says:

    I meant if the Handheld Long Range antenna broke, wouldn’t the better option be to use replace it w/ the Smiley longer rubber duck antenna, instead of the stock short rubber duck.

  4. j. mcmahan Says:

    the long range hand held do break easy but weld back together real easy, broke mine several times. i get better service out of this antenna but i would reccomend carrying a spare.