Garmin Astro DC40 Vs. DC30

Garmin Astro DC40 Collar

DC40 VS.  DC30

It’s gettin time to consider the the Garmin Astro DC40.

There are some nice features in the DC40,  Some that I personally recomended to Garmin.    (Not that I think they actually listened to me)  But I did personally Recomend a 4 digit Pin lock so collars could not be changed unless they owner wants them to be.

But as I expected, the MSRP Price is Jumping 50 Dollars for the DC40.   While all the Bird dog, and Electronic shops will be selling DC40′s are hooting and Hollering about the Great New DC40 collar and options doing what ever they can to get your bussiness.  I want to shoot straight with you.  I’m dissapointed in the price increase.   We’re Hound guys, and I know personally I would like to put that 50 in my Gas tank to go hunting.

DC30′s are expected to be discontinued In December,  Along with the 199 MSRP Price.   However I think as time will show the prices will come down some for the DC40 collar sometime after December,  Hopefully down to at least the DC30 Price.

I’m having to sit down and seriously look at the Garmin DC40 Collar, and Figure out if It’s worth the hassle and wait.   Or should I get what I need in DC30 collars and save me a couple hundred dollars.

Here are the features addd in the DC40 collar. 

120 second update (2 minutes)  :   For me and everyone I’ve talked to, this is too long to start hunting with,  in 2 minutes a Big game Dog can cover allot of ground.   Going to a 2 minute update for an extra 10 hours of battery life,  is not enough of a benifit.

4 digit locking Pin -  I think this can be useful,  I”m curious to see what this feature actually does.  I personally hope that it stops my stupid Fumble Finger friend from changing my Dogs ID while we are hunting.

A Dayglo Collar -  Much needed!

Lastly the GPS antenna built into the Bottom box, this Allows you to put this on a Shock collar.   -  I think this should be good, as long as the reception works out good, and considering there is not alot of “lost signal” for the collar.   We’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m not doing or saying this to sell you a collar, do your reasearch and home work and make your decision yourself,  Some of this information like the DC30 End of Life (in Decenber) has prompted more competition. 

It’s either time to get ready for the DC40, or Buy an extra DC30 and save some Gas money.

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8 Responses to “Garmin Astro DC40 Vs. DC30”

  1. Jeff Cunningham Says:

    Have not purchased tracking system yet. Deciding if the dc40 is worth paying for…..I own small beagles, 13″, not sure if collars will fit..Also, I have the opportunity to purchase a used Asto 220 with the old dc20 collar….My question is, is the old astro 220 any different than a new one? Can I upgrde a old 220 and have the same unit if I had purchased a new one?

  2. admin Says:

    I think the collar will fit I don’t hunt with beagles so I don’t know for sure but I don’t see any problems with it.

    As far as waiting for the DC40. The 220 is the same. Currently I’m recomending if you haven’t purchased a system and you don’t want to wait, get a DC30 system. A couple reasons. #1 your going to find a better deal on the DC30, and DC20 systems. You can always add the DC40 collars laters as you want.

    If you can get a DC20 system for under 350 it’s a good deal. Otherwise I wouldn’t mess with the dc20 systems and you’d be money ahead waiting getting a DC30 combo. I have them right now for 499.

    Hope this helps some with your decision, It’s a tough one.

  3. admin Says:

    After reading the Responses to the Beagle Hunters, I’ve been advised the the DC40 is not a Good option for beagles. The DC40 is losing GPS reception more than the DC30s, and it is more evident on Beagles because they are lower to the ground. Although the DC30 collars are not a great option for beagles I think it’s still a better option than the Garmin DC40′s

  4. Hog Hunting Strategies Says:

    I run Walkers and my buddies run either beagles or BMC’s. Do Not waste your money on a DC20 the list is to long. The DC30 is fine just be sure to get a long range antena either a wand or the magnetic truck mount, we use both. I get a 7 mile range out of my DC30′s and yes on occasion I loose reception but it comes back quickly and never all my dogs at the same time usually just one because they get into something thick, and in Florida it gets thick. This GPS system is the best thing invented since sliced bread and once you use the Astro you’ll never change.

  5. johnny narron Says:

    so if i buy a 220 combo with a dc30 i can later buy a dc40 when bugs are worked out and it will work with my system?

  6. Doc Mumford Says:

    I do not own a DC 40, but am well versed in the Astro and how to use the system. I have had an Astro since the first year. I know well the travesty of the DC 20 etc.

    Here is a hypothetical situation that I wonder about since I have not purchased a DC 40 (yet?). Please answer if you have experienced this scenario, but please do not guess, I can do that on my own;-).

    I hunt on public land where there may be several Garmin collars within range of my unit that are NOT hunting with me. If I have a DC 40 that is PIN LOCKED on, say, channel 26, and there is a DC 30 (obviously no PIN LOCK) that is also tranmitting on channel 26 that is only 300 yards away from me, will they interfere with each other on the Astro? I need to know, will the DC 30 interfere with my PIN locked DC40 on ch. 26 AND will my collar interfere with the other guy’s DC 30 that is not PIN locked if they are on the same channel. In other words, does the PIN feature of the DC 40 allow multiple users to use the same channel with different PIN codes?

  7. admin Says:

    I have not played with this feature much because it is not something that is useful to me. However here is what I understand it to be from someone who has tested this feature out.

    The DC40 Owner’s collar will not interfere with the DC30 owner. However the DC30 owners collar will still interfere with the DC40′s owner.

    So basically the DC40 owner is doing the other user’s a favor, while He still has the burden of getting the interfering messages..

    Does that make sense? Again this is Just as I understand it.

  8. Ed Rentz Says:

    I have an Astro 220 system with five DC30 collars which I used the entire 2010 deer season, I have purchased after market colored collars so that I could tell them apart without having to wait for them to boot up one at a time to know which is which. When I hunt my hound and beagles on our small club, I can recover the dogs when I see that they are about to hit a road and I am there waiting for them. The main problem I have had is that when I hunt on a very large hunt with hundreds of dogs (SRS), there are more collars in the croud than the Astro has ID numbers. It only supports upto fifty collars and when interference occurs you may as well not have a collar on your dog at all if he is any distance because the Astro can’t shuffel the ID and continue to track the dog. Fortunately We have to double collar the dogs with Beep collars so that the hunt staff can track them too.