Garmin Astro DC40 Reviews

Here is a Review on the DC40′s ,  Author Asked to remain Annonomous…  Doesn’t look good.   My Recomendation is still holding for the DC30 right now while they are still available.

Why Buy from DuGraphics??

I’m offering a Free DayGlo Collar with every DC30.   We use a Heavy Duty Protective sleeve, Not the Rubber, or Sewn sleeves.

DC40 Review Below.

I’ve been running a Dc40 since they announced them(I got to field test one). I am not a fan. I run it on beagles and coonhounds. If it have 30 and a 40 on different beagles and if the dog with the 30 has 5 miles logged, the 40 may have 1.5. (they run together) I turned off the signal lost alert because it is always chirping…
I can turn both collars on and it may take 15 minutes for the 40 to link up. sooner if I take it off the dog and hold the transmitter up to the sky, never links up if I turn the hound loose first.
most of the time when it is out of contact, the battery and comm. graphs are reading correctly and the graph marked GPS is blank with a question mark on the dog screen.
The light that indicates the collar is turned on, is almost impossible to see in the daylight and at night, the 2 blinkers on the 30 was nice at night but that is gone
On the coonhounds, the communication was much better until the beans and corn got mature, now the problem is the same on them.
Part 2.
DC40 part 2
I had just as good luck with a DC20 (when I changed the antenna) as I am the DC40.I have no idea why there is a PIN lock feature on these, It will not keep you from getting interference from another collar. It will only keep your collar from interfering with someone else…no idea what the thought was for that?
I also canot figure out who may be interested in the 2 minute update, that is just crazy imo.
my overall opinion after using it 80-100 times = FAILI am sticking to my DC30

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