Garmin Astro DC40 owners manual

Well, I’m looking at a Draft Copy of the Garmin Astro DC40 Owners manual, And frankly I’m alittle dissapointed. I know many of you including my self have offered advice as to what we want and need in these systems for Hunting with dogs.

I’m hoping that Garmin is holding back with information on this, but it looks very familiar to the DC30 manual with very few identifiable changes. If the Data in the Owners manual is correct.. (which I’m hoping it’s not)

Looks like same power,
Same Battery life and update rate settings. 36 hours on 30 seconds updates.

More information to come as It becomes availible.. If you would like to look at it yourself. I’ll post a link very soon for you to see for yourself.

Here is the link

There are some Dimension Changes.   (Let’s cross our fingers and hope Garmin has a Surprize for us that is not evident in this owners manual.)

There is more talk of Being Water Proof with some specs, So they may have changed the Case and made it more water proof, Or they have stuff a little more battery in there???

Size of DC40
1.5 width, 1.9 Length, 3.7 D
Weight is 4.7 oz without collar
1.4 Width 1.7 Length, 3.3 Diameter
Weight 4.1 oz without collar

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One Response to “Garmin Astro DC40 owners manual”

  1. tastrax Says:

    I just wish they would allow the logging of collar tracks to the SD card. Getting the detailed data from the collar is a real pain. In my case it fails more frequently that it downloads.