Garmin Astro 220 w/ DC40

Garmin Astro Combo with DC40.

Information on the Garmin Astro Combo’s with DC40′s updated soon with availible dates and information.

We have now recieved the Garmin Astro 220 with DC40 combo’s. Unfortunately we are dissapointed with the Performance of the DC40 collars and are not recomending them at this time.

Please check out our reviews of the Garmin Astro DC40 collars on this site. We currently have great prices on the DC40 combo’s, however at this time it is Strongly recomended to stay with the DC30 combo’s.

You can read our Garmin Astro DC40 review by clicking the link below.

Garmin Astro Combo and DC40 Reviews

Purchase Garmin Astro DC40 Combo

RECOMENDED:  Purchase Garmin Astro DC30 Combo, and recieve Free Dayglo Collar for each DC30

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4 Responses to “Garmin Astro 220 w/ DC40”

  1. leon bise Says:

    dear garmin, i got a astro 220 with a dc 30 collar last year, it works great, but i would like to know will the new dc 40 collar work with the astro handheld gps that i got last year, and can i use the new pin number deal on the new dc 40 with my handheld unit that i have got now, thank you

  2. admin Says:

    Dear leon..

    This is not Garmin. But you will be able to use the 220 you bought Last year with the DC40 collar.. (At least I’m about 99% sure) You’ll probably need to update the software to utilize the Pin feature and the 120 second update. But that is easy and free.

    We offer free Tech support for all of our customers, Let us know when your ready for a DC40 and we’ll make sure to help guide you through any setup and Upgrading you’ll need to do..

  3. Jacob Gibson Says:

    i was wondering if 150 to 151. freq. telemetry collars affected performance on astro or its collars

  4. admin Says:

    I don’t believe there should be any performance effect on the Garmin. However I would contact Garmin to see what they say.