Garmin Astro 220 Map Issues

I get several calls about maps not showing the detail they expect.

Somethings you should check with your maps.

  1. Make sure your getting the latest maps.  Older maps are not as updated.
  2. There are 100K maps and for allot of the western states there are 24K maps
  3. Lastly you’ll want to make sure the map detail settings on your Garmin 220 are set to Most Detail (which I’ll explain how to do this below)

24K maps verses 100K maps.. What’s the difference?

The 24K will have TOPO lines every 40 feet in elevation change while the 100K has them every 160 feet. So naturally the 24K maps have much more detail.  the Down side of 24K is you can not fit as much maps onto the Micro SD cards.  For a 2GB card with 24K you can get a little more than two full states.  With a 100K maps you can have all of the Western, or Eastern States.

I have 24K maps but it isn’t showing as much detail as my friends system,  Why are my Maps not good?

I get this question quite often,   Normally there are a couple things you’ll want to check.   First,  make sure you are not zoomed in too far.  If you are Zoomed all the way in, you will naturally only see a small area, so You won’t see much detail.

Secondly if you are zoomed out to about 500 Ft per section on the Bottom left corner.  and You are still not seeing Good topo detail you’ll need to change your map detail described below.

  1. Turn on the GPS..(duh!)
  2. Hit the Map button
  3. When you see the map, hit the Menu button
  4. scroll down and select the ”Setup Map” and hit the enter button
  5. Hit the Left button until the top reads  “Map Setup – General”   It’s the Left Button on top
  6. In the 4th option down, you should see “Detail”  
  7. The options for detail are “least,Less,normal, more, most”  they come from the factory set to Normal.
  8. Highlight the Normal, and press the “enter” button,  Select Most and Press enter again.
  9. Hit the map button and you should see as much detail availible.

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One Response to “Garmin Astro 220 Map Issues”

  1. chris Says:

    When i put the map card in on the bottom lh corner it always comes up as overzoom and i cant get the map profiles cheers