Garmin Astro 220 Folding Antenna $25 (Long Range)

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Folding VHF antenna

Garmin Astro Long Range Folding Antenna.

We have added a new product to our Garmin Products.  A Folding Long range antenna for the garmin astro Hand Held units. 

New Pricing  for these items is only $25

These antenna’s will fold up around the Garmin Astro 220 and easy fit in your pocket.  when you need the extra range to track your dogs, just extend the telescoping part of the antenna.   No need to keep switching antennas on your Astro 220 anymore while on foot.

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3 Responses to “Garmin Astro 220 Folding Antenna $25 (Long Range)”

  1. Graham Says:

    Great idea and price but the mail price is a killer.How much to take them out the box and put in a small padded envelope

  2. Andrew(Tallinn) Says:

    This antenna gives to my dogs 300-500m more…i think.

  3. admin Says:


    Because your over seas our website would calculate shipping at 55 dollars for under 20 pounds weight. Rest assured you would recieve a Refund for the shipping on this item. It would fit into a Small Shipping box and for Overseas it would cost 12.95 for shipping considering Most are selling these for 35 plus shipping it’s still a good deal!.

    So after shipping we would refund you the difference in Price. I wish our website was smarter to understand what box this would fit into but it’s not so we have to assume the worst and Refund the difference We have many oversea’s customers that we’ve established a trust with to do this I would understand if you were nervous.