Garmin 3.5 Update Review DC40, DC30, DC20

This review is only to see if the 3.50 Garmin Astro  Update changes my opinion on the DC40 collars. 

I updated the DC40 with the 3.50 update. This is tough to compare. Today was a Great satelite day so it should have done better without the update.. Trying to figure out if it was the update or the conditions is tough, Normally I see my 220 bounce GPS signal because it’s mounted kinda far from the window.. Today It held Full service all day without any hickups.. So I know that this was a Good day for GPS.. I worry that this might be some of the Reason for such a good experience… It was Pissing down rain it was miserable hunting condition but I was hoping for a hot track.. (no luck) My dogs never left the road. So here is a quick review of my test today.. It did better. Still not good enough for me. but I would call it much better and worth the update. It stops all the Lost GPS signal messages.. But the DC40 still was losing or Weak Signal it just was not letting me know as often. I only updated the DC40 and not my My DC30′s. The DC30′s still out performed the DC40. But Rigging the DC40 and All the DC30′s performed flawless without any Looses with all the dogs on the rig, Even though The DC40 went to a weak signal it was still tracking and not missing or cuting across any of the culverts like I’ve seen before.. Then I boxed the dogs back through and the DC40 started to loose signal. (so did some of the DC30 here and there. But the DC40 clearly lost GPS much more than the DC30′s.. I think My DC40 Tracked 3-4 miles in the box, where my DC30′s tracked anywhere from 13-20 miles on the way home.. I’m still trying to digest all this and figure out what is fair (Unbiased) to say about it.. If it was only tracking outside of the box the DC40 did not have any issues and I would have to give it a Two Thumbs up.. but this was just one Hunt and good conditions…. This was also all on Logging roads and Little to no Brush so I’m not ready to change my opinion about them and recomend them by any long shot… But it did soften my opinion about them some compared to what I’ve seen before… And will make me to Reconsider and re-test them all over again..

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2 Responses to “Garmin 3.5 Update Review DC40, DC30, DC20”

  1. Bruce Javellana Says:

    Does the dc 30 loose battey life, with the new update 3.5? Mine seems to have less bars. 12 hours on 5 seconds the collar is dead or no bars left. The 3.0 software works to me the same as the 3.5. I hunt in hawaii and use 7 collars. Could you help with some answers? Thank you very much.

  2. hunter reynolds Says:

    I think Garmin should come up with a update so the dc30 would have a pin number. I would even pay for that!