DC40 Vs DC30 GPS Reception Test

Lot’s of Talk about Problems with the New DC40 Collars from Garmin.   When Garmin Announced that they moved the GPS antenna to the bottom, I’ll be honest I was both happy and scared.    My worries was the Benifits of a tighter package would not out weigh the Loss of GPS reception.     Here are some tests I’ve done Specifically testing the GPS reception of the Collars.

*** NOTE: I Did update my 220 Before trying any of these tests According to Garmins instructions,  I also reviewed Garmins Press release before conducting these tests.

Both Collars are on the Same dog.

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Senario 1:   Conditions are rainy and wet.  After explaining to a dog which happens to be smarter than me that She was the choosen one to “take one for the team”  I strapped on a DC30 and DC40 on her and Waited for the DC40 to explode.  I soon reliazed that the dog would live, and the DC40 wasn’t going to Explode.      We took a Walk on our property,  After all the bad reviews I was reading I was expecting The DC40 to Drop off immediately.. this was definately not the case.  However the DC40 Did drop off and lose GPS signal 3 times in my 10 minute or 5 acre walk.   Every time it was only momentarily and immeadiately picked up signal so I was not able to capture a image of the Red 1 bar GPS signal.   

When I had the Dog go through the wet brush (I use the term Brush Lightly since it was only Up to my knees, and I didn’t cuss once)  The Signal Dropped a Bar of GPS signal.   I checked the DC30 and it was Full reception.   ( I should note that at no time during any test could I get the DC30 to Drop from Full GPS signal..)

After I realized that the DC40 was going to be hard to capture a failure in an open timber setting, I went to the House and Loaded the dog into the Dog box.  Immediately the DC40 lost GPS signal.  The DC30 did not blink or change from Full GPS reception.    I thought Yes Bingo.  I have the failure…  By the time I got the camera to capture the screen showing the Red GPS reception (bars) screen.  The DC40 was back on bouncing between full reception and 3 bars GPS Reception.    Although I did snag a Photo of the warning message. 

Should I note again that at no time did I get any warning from the DC30.  Nothing.  Full GPS reception for all tests. 

So after I looked out the window I noticed the “smart” dog was giving me an Evil eye for locking her up in the Box for no apparent reason.    I decided to take my test Indoors and really put the Hurt on the GPS reception issue..  Surely nothing would track in the house.

I put the dog in her Dog Bed, which is about Dead center of my house.  Again DC30 did not flinch,  Full GPS signal.  I thought for sure I would loose both the DC40 and DC30.  I can say even after only 20 minutes with the DC40 I wasn’t surprized when the DC40 Gave me another lost GPS warning message.   And consistantly shown again between 3 and full reception.   The DC30 never gave any warning and Shown solid full reception.

I layed the 220 down next to the dog to show how many Satelites were availble.  10 satelites is extremely good.  I would rate this as an EXCELENT GPS day.   Which should explain why the DC30 did better than I expected.     Garmin GPS need approximately 4 satelites to lock and calculate position.  With 10 satelites in the mix that was very easy to do today.

My last test was a Accuracy test.  I left the dog lay in her bed for about 30 minutes,  while tracking.   I zoomed into the map to see which one held the tightest pattern.   Again A Clear winner, the DC30 held accuracy much better than the DC40.  This screen just shows how much the DC40 was struggling to hold it’s position.

Red is DC40,  Green is DC30.    Clearly the DC30 held a more accurate pattern over the DC40 while the dog was abolutely still laying down.  This test doesn’t show anything except the DC40 was trying much harder to Lock into a GPS satelite to calculate it’s position.

Conclusion,  Today was an Excellent (Above Average) GPS tracking day which leaves no excuses for any GPS device.  The DC40 is Barely holding on, while the DC30 and 220 handheld showed very little problems through out any test.   In short The DC40 problems are not “Percieved” as Garmin would have you think.

My recomendation is Definately the DC30 is a better more accurate setup.  However the DC40 performed Decent,  Had no one experience a DC30 garmin would be able to Pass the DC40 off as Good.  However We have all gotten used to the DC30 Performing well and the DC40 simply is lacking in the GPS reception department. 

 Should you want the Best with Less headaches and Loss of GPS Signal Messages, It is besst to stick with the DC30.

You can purchase both on my website at really good deals at www.DuGraphics.com/shop 

However if you want a DC40, Please send me a message letting me know you Read this review and want one anyways.   i don’t want to deal with Returns from customers who think the DC40 is going to be better then the DC30.

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