Clearing the Tracks on a Garmin Astro 220

Recently I’ve had several call asking how to Clear the tracks on the Garmin Astro 220.

The first step is to “Start a new Hunt” This should clear all your Dog tracks on the Astro. However one thing I have noticed is customers that have pressed “Goto” are not able to clear the tracks while the Unit is in Navagation (goto) mode. You can tell if you are in Navagation mode because there will be a Purple Line directing you which way to go. Most of the time This happens when the user Presses the Goto button on the botom of the Dog screen.

To clear the tracks first you will need to “Stop Navigation”
You can stop navigation easily with these steps:
1. Press the Map button so you are looking at the map screen,
2. Press the enter button
3. Highlight the “stop Navigation” and press enter
4. You should notice the Purple Line is now Gone on the Astro Handheld.

To Clear the tracks, “Start a new Hunt” should clear all the dog tracks and clear your screen from clutter.

If you want to Clear the Dog tracks manually. Or if the above instructions don’t work. Follow these steps.

1. Goto the main menu. (Pressing the Back button twice should do this)
2. Select Advanced and press enter
3. Select GPS Applications (press enter)
4. Select Tracks (Press enter)
5. In the bottom box you should see Saved Tracks, and they should be named the same as your dogs.
Select the Dog you want to delete the track, Press enter and Then Delete.
6. Repeat Step 5 for each dog you wish to delete the track.

Note on this screen you can also Change the Dog track colors to what ever you prefer, However you first need to have a Saved track before you can change the color. I recomend Changing the colors before you clear the tracks. Otherwise just turn the Collar on and once it starts to save a Track you’ll be able to change the color.

Hopefully this helps someone If I’ve forgoten something or these instruction are not clear Please let me know and I can try to clean them up some. I’m not the best at explaining.

As always if you appreciate this information or have any other questions please let us know and share our website with others.

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5 Responses to “Clearing the Tracks on a Garmin Astro 220”

  1. David Webb Says:

    I have no problems with clearing dog tracks or go-to purple line.
    How do I clear the grey track of the astro 220 unit? Originally all the astro 220 left was a “bread crumb” trail, now a grey line track is on screen & I can’t get to clear. I suspect it is under settings > GPS because that is where all the colors are. Would “Transparent” be the fix? I would like the bread-crumb only track for the astro & colored tracks for the dogs. Thanks, David

  2. admin Says:

    Advanced> GPS applications > Tracks

    Here you can clear your tracks, Or if you go to setup you can change the color of the 220 track. You are correct Transparent is the bread crumbs.. (Dotted Lines) on the Garmin Astro 220.

    For all you Garmin Needs Remember us!

  3. j. mcmahan Says:

    question, can i link my 220 with a laptop and watch the map screen during a hunt? can i copy after the hunt?

  4. admin Says:

    It will not update automatically, But if you don’t mind hitting the button Download it will download the current Tracks and dog positions.. So to watch the race, you would need to continue hitting the Download button.

  5. j. mcmahan Says:

    so, i could hit my download button every 5 or so min. and get a streight line from last download to dogs current position until the end of the race and then copy?