Changing the Dog Track Color on the Garmin Astro 220

Here is how you can change the Color of the Dog Track.

Let’s say you want the color of the tracks on the screen to match the Dog collar color.   In a Couple Easy steps It’s actually pretty easy to do.

Note:  you need to have a track established before you can change the color.. For example, if you’ve just reset and erased all the tracks..(ie. Start a New Hunt)  then You won’t be able to change the color until the dog has started to show a track on the screen.

The Astro Main Menu Should look something like this

#1    Hit Menu Until  you are seeing the main Menu Screen.

#2  Select Advanced and Hit <enter>

#3 Select GPS Applications

#4 Select Tracks

In the Saved Tracks box (on the bottom) you should see the dog listed that You want to change..(Again this will only show up if the dog track is already on the screen and tracking the dog..)     Highlight the dog you want to change and press <enter>

You should now have a Color option where you can change it to what ever color you would like.

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