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 Garmin ALPHA 100 Dog tracking and trainin system

Double U Hunting Supply Article about The Garmin Alpha Dog tracking and Training Systems. GPS pioneer company Garmin has once again raised the bar with regards to new technology and field use for hunters with the Garmin Alpha. The Garmin Alpha carries on the tradition set by the Garmin Astro 320, one of the most [...]

 Solid Red Light Issue

Question: I Have a Garmin dc30 collar and when i turn it on the red light stays on and doesn’t flash what does that mean? This can happen to All the DC20, DC30 and DC40 collars. Generally this means it’s in Data Transfer Mode or the Software has not been installed correctly. One of the [...]

 Clearing the Tracks on a Garmin Astro 220

Recently I’ve had several call asking how to Clear the tracks on the Garmin Astro 220. The first step is to “Start a new Hunt” This should clear all your Dog tracks on the Astro. However one thing I have noticed is customers that have pressed “Goto” are not able to clear the tracks while [...]

 Garmin Astro 220 Map Issues

I get several calls about maps not showing the detail they expect. Somethings you should check with your maps. Make sure your getting the latest maps.  Older maps are not as updated. There are 100K maps and for allot of the western states there are 24K maps Lastly you’ll want to make sure the map [...]

 Reseting the Garmin Astro D30 Collar

  At times you may experience Problems with a Garmin Astro DC30 Collar.  I’ve heard And experienced reports of the following problems with Garmin DC 30 Collars Will not Charge Will Not sync with the Garmin Astro 220 (While Other DC30 Collars sync Just fine) Before trying to do a Hard Reset for the Garmin [...]

 Garmin Astro Losing Range?

From Personal Experience During the last Hunting season, I’ve had my Garmin Astro 220 System loose range.   It didn’t happen overnight.  In fact it was a slow process, by the Time I was loosing Signal with the dogs wearing their DC30′s on top of the box rigging.  I realiazed that it was due time for [...]

 Reseting the Garmin Astro 220

Here are the Instructions to Reset the Garmin Astro 220 Dog tracking system. ***NOTE**** This will delete all tracks and waypoints, and dogs that are programed into the device.   A master reset will put the unit back into a factory mode as if you just took it out of the box. Please take out your MAP [...]