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 Garmin ALPHA 100 Dog tracking and trainin system

Double U Hunting Supply Article about The Garmin Alpha Dog tracking and Training Systems. GPS pioneer company Garmin has once again raised the bar with regards to new technology and field use for hunters with the Garmin Alpha. The Garmin Alpha carries on the tradition set by the Garmin Astro 320, one of the most [...]

 Installing the batteries into the Astro 320

The Astro 320 works using AA batteries (not included). For best results, use NiMH or Lithium batteries. To remove the battery cover, turn the D-ring ¼ turn counterclockwise and pull up. Insert the batteries into the battery chamber. Be sure to follow the proper battery orientation. Replace the battery cover.

 Adding GPS Coordinates as a way point with the Garmin astro 220

Another Trick someone asked me along these same lines is He wanted to save GPS coordinates and Locations that you are not physically at. This one took me a while to figure out But the question was how to input in GPS coordinates. But Let’s Say your friend looses his dogs or get’s Hurt and [...]

 Marking a Location Other than Your location Garmin Astro 220

Here is how to Mark a Location other than your location.  For example You might want to mark the Tree before you get to it encase your dogs leave the tree.  Most of the time If you are like myself You want to Scroll over and Hit the Mark Button,  However that will just Mark [...]

 Clearing the Tracks on a Garmin Astro 220

Recently I’ve had several call asking how to Clear the tracks on the Garmin Astro 220. The first step is to “Start a new Hunt” This should clear all your Dog tracks on the Astro. However one thing I have noticed is customers that have pressed “Goto” are not able to clear the tracks while [...]

 Adding a New DC30 or DC40 Collar to your Garmin Astro System.

To Add a New Collar (DC30 or DC40) to your Garmin Astro system Follow the instructions below. On the Dog Tracking Page.  Press   MENU> then Dog List>Then add new. (ENTER) This will open up the setup Wizard. Use the Rocker (Button in the middle) and Enter to select and confirm the options.  By default the new [...]