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 Garmin ALPHA 100 Dog tracking and trainin system

Double U Hunting Supply Article about The Garmin Alpha Dog tracking and Training Systems. GPS pioneer company Garmin has once again raised the bar with regards to new technology and field use for hunters with the Garmin Alpha. The Garmin Alpha carries on the tradition set by the Garmin Astro 320, one of the most [...]

 Heavy Duty (Tuff Skin) Garmin DC30 Antenna $12

By popular demand we have created a new and more durable Tuff DC30 Antenna.    Many people have asked us about the Tuff Skin Antenna’s and we decided to build one that was Double Tuff, with Double the Warranty of the Other Tuff Skin DC30 antennas. I think you’ll find  Double Tuff design has a few [...]

 DC40 Vs DC30 GPS Reception Test

Lot’s of Talk about Problems with the New DC40 Collars from Garmin.   When Garmin Announced that they moved the GPS antenna to the bottom, I’ll be honest I was both happy and scared.    My worries was the Benifits of a tighter package would not out weigh the Loss of GPS reception.     Here are some tests [...]

 New DC40 rumors (Release date)

Updated: Garmin Astro Combo with DC 40. Garmin Astro Combo’s with DC40 is on the map.    There is No Sign of the DC40′s by them self, however I am sure they will be availible a few months after the release date. (this is a guess) Here is what I do know. Official Release Date : [...]

 Reseting the Garmin Astro D30 Collar

  At times you may experience Problems with a Garmin Astro DC30 Collar.  I’ve heard And experienced reports of the following problems with Garmin DC 30 Collars Will not Charge Will Not sync with the Garmin Astro 220 (While Other DC30 Collars sync Just fine) Before trying to do a Hard Reset for the Garmin [...]

 Garmin Astro DC30 DayGlo Collars

Garmin Astro DC 30 DayGlo collar conversions. Buy Garmin DayGlo Collars Easy to Change out the stock Collar. This does not effect the warranty on the Garmin Astro 220 or the Garmin DC30 collars.  All you need is a Philips Screw driver, and a Needle Nose style Pliers. Step By Step instructions for converting you DC30 to [...]