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 Garmin ALPHA 100 Dog tracking and trainin system

Double U Hunting Supply Article about The Garmin Alpha Dog tracking and Training Systems. GPS pioneer company Garmin has once again raised the bar with regards to new technology and field use for hunters with the Garmin Alpha. The Garmin Alpha carries on the tradition set by the Garmin Astro 320, one of the most [...]

 Improved DC40 collar

I’ve done some Work on trying to figure out how to solve the DC40 Issues. Looks like I’m making good progress. We took an Old Non Updated DC40 collar and Made it work as good as or better than a DC30 collar. For more information and More Details Please Visit Modified DC40 collars will [...]

 Another Garmin DC40 review

I’ve gotten a Couple questions about the DC40′s,  Last week I got another chance to try them out.. Not by choice, but It was definately the oppurtunity for the DC40 to shine,  And to be honest with you the way DC30′s are hitting some backorders  right now I would Love for nothing more than to [...]

 (Fail) Actual Hunt Test with Astro DC40

Strike 3 Garmin DC40 collar.

 Garmin Astro DC40 VHF Range Test

Garmin Astro DC40 Range Test. Setup: 2 DC30 collars, 1 DC40 collar. All mounted at the same hieght and side by side. All Update Rates were set to 5 seconds so I would know immediately which collar lost signal quickly. Garmin Astro with 220 with a Truck Mount antenna. During this test because the collars [...]

 DC40 Vs DC30 GPS Reception Test

Lot’s of Talk about Problems with the New DC40 Collars from Garmin.   When Garmin Announced that they moved the GPS antenna to the bottom, I’ll be honest I was both happy and scared.    My worries was the Benifits of a tighter package would not out weigh the Loss of GPS reception.     Here are some tests [...]

 Garmin DC40 Press release

To: Astro Dealers From: Garmin International ***ASTRO DC 40 FIRST TIME USE ADVISORY*** It has come to our attention that a small number of customers who have purchased Garmin’s new DC 40 GPS tracking collar have experienced issues with acquiring and maintaing a good GPS satellite fix. There are a few simple steps that users [...]

 Garmin Astro DC40 Reviews

Here is a Review on the DC40′s ,  Author Asked to remain Annonomous…  Doesn’t look good.   My Recomendation is still holding for the DC30 right now while they are still available. I’m offering a Free DayGlo Collar with every DC30.   We use a Heavy Duty Protective sleeve, Not the Rubber, or Sewn sleeves. DC40 Review [...]

 Garmin DC40 collars are starting to ship out

Well it’s getting close, We expect to recieve a Garmin Astro DC40 any day now. Once we get our hands on the first DC40 we will post an un biased opinion about the performance and if there are any DC40 Reception issues caused by moving the GPS antenna on the bottom of the collar for [...]

 Garmin DC40 Raffle $5 Each holds a raffle Twice each year to help pay for server costs.  It’s a Great chance to win a New DC40 system. Grand Prize is a Garmin astro Combo with DC40 collar,  Second and third Place winners each recieve a DC40. Limited entry, 5 dollars per ticket.    Only 400 Tickets are sold.  Three Winning tickets. More [...]