Another Garmin DC40 review

I’ve gotten a Couple questions about the DC40′s,  Last week I got another chance to try them out.. Not by choice, but It was definately the oppurtunity for the DC40 to shine,  And to be honest with you the way DC30′s are hitting some backorders  right now I would Love for nothing more than to Move some DC40′s.  since they seam to always be in stock!

So Here is the latest DC40 update: Last week I was forced to hunt with only a DC40 collar and wildlife collars.

After we Got the wife a Nice Lion this year we decided it was time to get after some shorter tailed cats.

So Last week, On a wim, me and the Mrs. decided to make a run and get away from the Fireworks and gun shots that always come around New years. We hooked up the trailer and Pulled it down south for our yearly 201 Bobcat Education/Humiliation Classes.

Well when we woke up in the morning and grabbed the collar bag to collar up the dogs we quickly realiazed that the DC30′s were in the office still on the charger. Me and the wife Blamed each other for a few minutes trying to argue who was at fault for this problem. I Contimplated a 5 hour one way drive to pick up collars is not fun. And also contimplated pulling up my Panties and hunting like the old days with out any Collars (I’ll admit, I didnt contimplate this idea for very long).. Anyways, I can always find something shoved under the back seat in a pinch, And this day was no exception and I found that Dang DC40 that I don’t use anymore tucked under the the crap back there along with two wildlife collars that haven’t been used for a couple years. I got it the DC40 on the charger, Checked the wildlife collars (found a Battery to replace one of them) and decided to hunt “Old school” with the beepers, and I’d throw a DC40 on a dog to give it it’s opportunity to change my Mind about DC40′s. especailly since this would be a Desparate review!

So there I was DC40 Don’t let me down.

I can tell you it does work better than the Beep Collars, but 3 minutes into the Race I knew it wasn’t going to be any where Near what I expect out of the DC30′s. I don’t think I’ve payed as close of attension to the Dogs Barking and their direction in a year and half as I did on these hunts. It wasn’t enjoying the music it was trying to figure out what direction they are running, and I was hunting somewhat new country to me, most of the Race was out of Signal, But it would come on long enough to the Show me the progress the dogs were making and when they were standing on their heads in a spot or two.

never did Catch the cat, I don’t know if they didn’t locate it or if they just couldn’t move it any more in the melting snow. But One thing was for Sure I was pretty anxious that whole race when I was seeing the ? more than the little dog. on the garmin DC40. I do have to give it props, in a Pinch it was still better than the Beep collars, but no Comparision against teh DC30 collars

I suppose if there were NO way of getting a DC30 collar, I would still piggy back the DC40 and use it because it was helpful, But after 2 days of hunting with it before I had my DC30′s overnighted to m, I can tell you it was just a matter of time before I would have been wiping the Dust off the Blue box and waving that directional around like a mad man with a look of confusion I all too often have while working on my PHD in cathunting on the mountain

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