Adding GPS Coordinates as a way point with the Garmin astro 220

Another Trick someone asked me along these same lines is He wanted to save GPS coordinates and Locations that you are not physically at.

This one took me a while to figure out But the question was how to input in GPS coordinates. But Let’s Say your friend looses his dogs or get’s Hurt and needs help and he can make a phone call, How does he tell you where his Exact location is? He calls you and gives you his GPS location.

Something like,

N 46 55.893
W 133 14.558

If it’s serious I would Call 911 and search and rescue would make it out to that location easily. But if it’s a Dead battery car problems or something that isn’t life or death, 911 might not be the best choice over your Hunting Partner.

It’s a real Pain to enter them into the Garmin Astro since there isn’t a way to just make a waypoint from GPS coordinates like this.

Here’s how I do it.

Hit Mark to mark your location, But before you hit save, you can scroll down and Change the Name But Also you can change the GPS coordinates before saving it.

When you have it right You Save it it will save the GPS coordinates that you entered.

Probably not very useful except in Emergency Situations,

I’ve taken my Father Off the mountain twice from a Heart attack, and been able to call in Help from a Broken down Truck in the mountains by giving coordinates. So it’s helped save my hide several times.

These little Tricks are Nice to have in your back pocket.

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