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 Clearing the Tracks on a Garmin Astro 220

Recently I’ve had several call asking how to Clear the tracks on the Garmin Astro 220. The first step is to “Start a new Hunt” This should clear all your Dog tracks on the Astro. However one thing I have noticed is customers that have pressed “Goto” are not able to clear the tracks while [...]

 (Fail) Actual Hunt Test with Astro DC40

Strike 3 Garmin DC40 collar.

 Garmin Astro DC40 VHF Range Test

Garmin Astro DC40 Range Test. Setup: 2 DC30 collars, 1 DC40 collar. All mounted at the same hieght and side by side. All Update Rates were set to 5 seconds so I would know immediately which collar lost signal quickly. Garmin Astro with 220 with a Truck Mount antenna. During this test because the collars [...]

 DC40 Vs DC30 GPS Reception Test

Lot’s of Talk about Problems with the New DC40 Collars from Garmin.   When Garmin Announced that they moved the GPS antenna to the bottom, I’ll be honest I was both happy and scared.    My worries was the Benifits of a tighter package would not out weigh the Loss of GPS reception.     Here are some tests [...]