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 Adding a New DC30 or DC40 Collar to your Garmin Astro System.

To Add a New Collar (DC30 or DC40) to your Garmin Astro system Follow the instructions below. On the Dog Tracking Page.  Press   MENU> then Dog List>Then add new. (ENTER) This will open up the setup Wizard. Use the Rocker (Button in the middle) and Enter to select and confirm the options.  By default the new [...]

 Garmin DC40 Price increase

Earlier I predicted a Price increase with the DC40 collars over the DC30 Garmin collars. After some information came in from a couple of my vendors I retracted that prediction as all the Prices was the the Same.   Today I’m starting to see changes that indicate that indeed the Prices for the DC40 collars will [...]